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Frequent Diner Rewards Program

Would you like to earn $10 for every $150 spent at CQ? How about a $5 birthday bonus? Sign up for our rewards program here:


  • Do I need a rewards card to redeem these points? 

    • No! But we can register one for you if you would like or if you frequently use cash. Your rewards card will also be linked to your credit card, and each time it is used at CQ, you will earn points. 

  • I signed up online. Now what?

    • Next time you are in the store, give the server or bartender your email address to register the points to your account. If you use a credit card, your rewards account will be automatically connected to your credit card at the time of use. If you are using cash and would prefer to have an actual rewards card, your server or bartender can link your email to your rewards card as well. ​

  • How do I check my point balance? 



    • You are able to look up your rewards with the above link and see your point transactions. 

  • What is the point system?

    • You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent at CQ, before taxes and gratuity. Once you acquire 150 points, you will be able to redeem your $10 off.

  • Any Restrictions?

    • Points are not earned and cannot be redeemed for Private Events & Cruises. 

    • Other restrictions on point usage may apply.

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